Monday, February 5, 2018

A Letter to Late Mom & Dad In Law

A Letter to Late Mom & Dad In-Law

I’m thrilled to be participating in a five day ‘LOL-a-thon’ aka Letters of Love Blogathon organised by ‘The Momsteins’. Join us to read some wonderful letters written by 26 cool bloggers. Stay around to read some amazing letters coming up.

This post is based on the first prompt which was to write a letter to parents/in-laws/kids. Hop on to read the letters of love being penned down by fellow-bloggers, Dr. Pooja Kapoor and Pavneet and show them some love! :)

Dear Mom & Dad,

I wish I could see you, if only for once. Destiny has joined us through an umbilical cord that transcends generations as well as sands of time. As bizzare as it may seem, but we are all now a part of common history. I am connected to you not just by way of a biological family tree but through a countless memories, objects and emotions that lie strewn all over your house which I now call 'home'.

You left this place for your heavenly abode many many years ago, perhaps around the time I was in my teens unaware about the loss of two precious people who were to going to be such important pillars of my life. As fate willed, we never met. I never had the honour of being blessed by you but I have imagined how good life would have been and how lively our home would have been had you two been around. 

I am reminded of your painful absence every single day when I look at your picture that adorns and blesses our living room, a silent testimony to all the joys and sorrows that dwell in the house. The masters of wisdom have perhaps, rightly suggested, that a picture speaks a thousand words. Yours speaks out much more. I have looked at this picture ever since the day I entered your home decked up as a bride. I remember looking at it during all the highs & lows of life - during my first moments in your house as a bahu, on my first Karwachauth longing for an affectionate sargi (from mom), on our first wedding anniversary, on your birthdays & death anniversaries and most importantly, on the day we discovered that we were going to be parents. I wish you were around to see the love, joy and companionship that Baby Kabir has brought in our lives now.

How do I write to you about the vacuum that we feel in our lives? I wish you knew how much we miss having you around. Every morning before Kunal steps out of home, he looks at your picture, nods down and then leaves. Every night when I turn the lights off, I bid a silent goodnight to you, contemplating almost every day how life would have been with you.

Ever since a child, I remember telling my friends that I would be my mother-in-law's favorite once I got married. I wish this dream could come true. Mom, I have often missed having your around dearly. Your jewelry, utensils and other material remanents often speak volumes about your enthusiasm towards life in general. I wish we could go for a shopping spree together some day.
Dad, I wish I could cajole you into siding with me and making fun of Kunal over trivial things. 

Words cannot portray the loss and emptiness that I feel without both of you. This house would have been a home had life not taken this ugly turn. I am sure Kabir would have had a much more blessed and playful childhood had you been around to mentor him and lead him ahead.

Time is a healer. The family and your son, have moved on with your loss but your memories are still as fresh. They come oozing out in the form of tears of longing and inexplicable silences. I have always felt my stomach churn at the very mention of the word 'in-laws'. To me, you both shall always be the parents that I so long for. 

I hope that you know how much we love, respect and value you both. You are my pole star in times of happiness and sorrow, silently blessing me and showing the way around. Miss you!

Love & Regards,

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  1. Such an emotional post... Hope u find their blessings in every good fortune aheas

  2. Your in-laws are lucky to have you as a daughter in law I must say... Made me emotional... Bless you!!

  3. That is such a heartfelt letter. I am so sure that they are looking down upon you right now and smiling.

  4. They are watching you every minute. If they would have been here today then I am sure you must have been the apple of their eyes.:-)


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