Thursday, February 8, 2018

Letter to Older Self

I am thrilled to be participating in a five day “LOL-a-thon” organized by “The Momsteins”. Join us to read some wonderful letters written by 25 cool bloggers. Stay around to read some amazing letters coming up.

Today’s prompt is “letters of love- to your older or younger self”.

Dear Older Self,

It feels extremely bizzare yet gratifying as I pen down this letter. Listening to one's inner calling and retrospecting from time to time are indispensible ingredients for an enriching and satiated life. I have often taken time out to reflect, retrospect and replenish life with new zeal and enthusiasm, learn from  lessons and prepare for future. This letter is another step forward towards the same - a process of self evaluation.

I hope that you are proud of the life that you've lead so far - a lifetime replete with professional, emotional, familial and spiritual roller coaster, bumpy at times but truly memorable to the core. I hope you've lived a life sans any regrets. There must have been times when you would've felt hurt, betrayed and weak but I am sure you would have bounced back with double vigour and vivacity.

I hope you thank Almighty every day for bestowing a life, so grand and blissful on you. You should know that you have always been God's favorite child and would continue to remain so for the best of your life. With Kunal and Kabir by your side, I am sure you have lived the best life that you could have asked for! Also, don't forget to thank your stars for having such loving and doting parents around who have always been the guiding force behind all that you have achieved or aspire to do so.

I believe you would have accomplished most of your travel goals by now. If not, continue to embark on the journey. The world has countless spaces that demand to be explored and documented. I hope the writer in you has quenched at least some of its thirst after being a best-seller for very many years. Now its time to pass on the baton to perhaps, Kabir. I believe he's already given you enough reasons to be proud of. Isn't he the best child that one could have asked for?

Your house looks as charming as a vintage art gallery. Let it breathe in some much needed respite. What about your dream of building a cottage up the hills? Have you been venturing out for more conceptual photography walks? Don't leave any of your desired unfulfilled! Do you still take some time out for star-gazing or talking to the moon? Has Kunal stopped taking you out on secret dates or does he still like to venture out at night with you by his side? I hope that he's finally started enjoying the Italian cuisine. Do you still find yourself on a bistro hunting spree in your city or have you settled for some permanent favorites?

I am sure you are still as energetic and chirpy as ever without a trace of age or fatigue catching up on you! Just keep yourself ready for all the adventures that life brings along. Don't let anything bog you down - sunshine or rain - keep shining on like a crazy diamond and continue spreading love, laughet and cheer around!

May the Force be with you! Amen!

I would like to thank Sripriti Somasundaram for introducing me. You can read her post here
I would also like to introduce my fellow blogger Aritra. You can read her wonderful post on the prompt here

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  1. What a beautiful letter! I hope your future self is listening you!


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