Tuesday, August 14, 2018

DIY Popsicle Counting Sticks for Early Learning

Keeping toddlers engaged is a Herculean task! A toddler's mind is like a tabula rasa, or a clean slate - impressionable and eager to know. It therefore, becomes imperative for parents to ensure that they are doing their best to channelize their toddler's energy in the right direction.

Being an Early Leaning Expert, I get to encounter a lot many children at work and otherwise. The most common volley of questions that make my way include suggestions on helping children get interested in learning, improving their focus, building their vocabulary, familiarizing them with English language and helping them inculcate decent communication skills.

Quite often, my responses include a carefully planned introduction of colors, toys, everyday household objects and things that perhaps, make children believe that they are being involved in a fun activity rather than formal instruction or learning.

The DIY Popsicle Counting Sticks for Early Learning are a perfect exemplification of this methodology. They may come in handy for helping children learn or revise the concept of counting number from 1 to 10.

Materials Needed:

10 popsicle sticks (colorful ones would be better) and a sticker sheet.


It is easier than you could've imagined. Simply choose and stick the selected stickers on to the popsicle sticks in simple mathematical progression.

For instance, you may select a large sticker for 1st stick since it would have just one sticker signifying the quantity- 1. Go on, creating more sticks likewise. Remember to keep the smaller stickers for bigger numbers such as 8, 9 or 10 since there might not be enough room on the pospsicle stick to accomodate so many stickers.

Once the sticks are ready, enocurage your child to identify the number spoken by you by choosing the corresponding popsicle stick. On the other hand, you may even reverse this activity by asking your child to prepare a counting stick by sticking on the said number of stickers on to the popscile stick.

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