Thursday, September 6, 2018

Why am I Proud to be a New Johnson's Mom?

I am often asked by friends, family and peers in the blogging world about my unending and over-brimming love for all things Johnson’s. Well, I end up letting them know that I share an almost umbilical relationship with Johnson’s products that have been in my vicinity ever since I first opened my eyes to this beautiful world about three decades ago!

A lot has transpired in these three long decades. Throughout my childhood, I lapped up a lot of gentle love and care courtesy my mom’s fetish for all things Johnsons for me. Right from being dipped into the tub with Johnson’s baby soap to making soap bubbles or being dusted with the signature Johnson’s powder after bath to emanating that sweet Johnson’s fragrance throughout the day, I came to develop quite a strong equation with the brand. So much so, that when I happened to encounter a Mathematics teacher called Miss Johnson in class tenth, I couldn’t be happier and at ease. The word became synonymous for all things trustworthy and motherly. Not to forget, I saw my mom using Johnson’s baby lotion to remove her make-up and moisturise her skin every night almost all my life.

Likewise, when I reached the threshold of motherhood, I again turned to Johnsons to nurture and pamper my child the same way my parents had nurtured me many many moons ago. But of course, by then, my favourite brand had been subjected to the perils of digital marketing that thrives on cheap publicity, fabricated news and influenced articles. I had a tough time convincing everyone around about the purity of a brand that had stood the testimony of time for over 125 years.

It’s definitely impossible for a brand that has a massive global outreach to have been doing something wrong and still going strong for over 125 years! None of those sleazy media gimmicks could shake up my faith in Johnsons. Now that its new and improved range is out, I couldn’t be more happier.

But the sands of time have once again subjected me to the same prying eyes & nosy questions – Why Johnsons? Let me try quelling all apprehensions and queries to rest by counter-asking

  • Used my most doctors for their own babies
  • Undergo 4 lakh allergy tests
  • Clinically proven mild
  • Tested with 5.5 lakh people globally
  • Undergo 8000 clinical assessments globally

Not to forget,
All Johnson’s Baby products are:

  • ·         Transparent and visibly pure
  • ·         Free from dyes
  • ·         Do not contain parabens, sulphates or phthalates
  • ·         Conform to highest IFRA Fragrance standard
  • ·         Contain ingredients that are tested for 12 months

My joy knew no bounds when like a ray of sunshine, I was selected among the few fortunate mom bloggers to be a part of the launch of New Johnson’s in Mumbai this August. I am sharing a few pictures of the wonderful event. 

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