Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Letter to My Bestie

Dear Anshita,

Words cannot suffice the joy and relief that is rushing through my veins at this juncture. Finally after a hiatus of many moons, I am fufilling a promise long overdue. An important part of our childhood was spent in exchanging letters - letters of longing, affection, nostalgia, anger, excitement and fun. Today when I look back at the sands of time, I realize that our friendship that blossomed way back while we were in Grade 4 is one of the most priceless blessings of my life.

You've not just been a bestie but a soul-sister, mentor, confidante, guide and trouble-shooter. I have had the privilege of counting on you through my childhood, teens and even now. I can't even begin to tell you how much I value you. I know I have hardly ever reciprocated the warmth, affection and love that you've been showering on me so effortlessly all these years. I've been a slipshod, for most part. While you always stood by me through thick and thin, I always remained elusive and yet I always found you embracing me, my rants and ruminations with open arms. 

I remember how you were over the moon while I was getting married. Your incessant calls, messages, images and suggestions din't make it seem that we were continents apart. You were always around. I wish you were there in person but even in your absence, you were always around seeking minute to minute updates from others bridesmaids. Kunal was equally worried about making sure that you were being provided with the latest updates because even he could sense the special & unfathomable bond that we share. He was zapped witnessing all the affection we shared despite staying apart for close to two decades. Distances might have separated us physically, but the wonderful bond that we shared since we bacame childhood transcended all barriers and stimulated us to stay in touch through letters, emails, phone calls, chats, skype, social media accounts and many other ways. You were that one friend whom I could count on, even at the dead of night when I had no one else to share my dilemma or excitement with.

The last meeting that we had was perhaps, in the year 2000, a day before I moved to another city. I can recall those moments so clearly as if they happened just yesterday. You had come to bid us goodbye with aunty and Maasi. Mumma had served ice-creams. We were looking around my house one last time together. While the elders were busy discussing their things, we had been feeling nostalgic and thinking of ways to stay connected. That's when my mom popped the idea of writing letters. Honestly, I had thought that we would write to each other once or twice and then get over it. Back then, I din't know that this was a relation that was bound to stand the testimony of time. Your first letter reached me barely weeks after we settled into our new life in Patna. I wrote back describing my new life extensively. You reciprocated my new found fears with great warmth and encouragement. Perhaps, this was the time we realized what we meant to each other.The distance made us realize the value of our timeless friendship.

There are countless memories that keep flashing through my mind when I think of us. But some of the most special ones include the quiet lunch that both of us used to enjoy sitting on the windows (yes, you got that right!) of the assembly hall, stealthy visits to the senior wing's garden area, plucking tamarinds from a tree near our school stop, sitting together hand-in-hand in the tiny tempo that used to ferry us to school, paying visits to each other's house for collecting notes, playing with  kitchen set and barbie houses in my beautiful room upstairs, buying things from Mangal bhaiya during lunch hours, exchanging friendship bands and relishing the lovely times in our trio - Aesha, you and me. Back then, I always thought that Aesha was a friend who was meant to be retained and that, you & I, would forget each other too soon and easily. But fate had other plans. I din't know that the girl from Sinker House was meant to befriend a girl from Darling House for all times to come.

I wish I could meet you soon and engulf you into a tight bear hug. I have imagined a scene so many times in my mind wherein we are meeting crazily like two long lost soul sisters at the Heathrow Airport and leaving the onlookers stunned with the hullabullo. I am sure there shall soon be a day when either you would be soaking the Chandigarh sun or I would be enjoying the Birmingham rains. 

I hope I shall receive a reply to this letter like the countless others that preceeded it. From inland letters to postcards, couriers to greeting cards, orkut, yahoo messenger, skype, viber, facebook, whatsapp, email to blogs - we've definitely come a long way!

May the force be with you!

Loads of love, 

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This post is based on the second prompt which was to write a letter to an inanimate object.


  1. I loved it. Few friends are like that. Whenever we stay, we can never be detached from our dearest friend. You two share a very sweet bond.i wish your friendship keep on blooming each passing day.

  2. I had one riend in mt childhood with whom I used to exchange letters. Your write up reminded me of her. thanks for such a beautiful write up


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