Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Sourcing Books for Early & Young Readers?

Raising literature friendly kids is no child's play! Helping children inculcate a genuine appreciation for books is every mother's cherished dream. I was fortunate enough to be raised to be a mother who loved to read and encouraged my own love for reading. Therefore, it's only natural when it comes to my inclination towards helping Baby K become an eager and enthusiastic reader. As an ELT Expert, I get to witness the multifarious benefits of reading among children and adults, on a daily basis.

It is an open truth that children who are well-read happen to be better learners, great at communication skills and are far better conversationalists than others of their age who lack good reading habits. It goes without saying, that book lovers are more confident, vocabulary enriched, quick-witted, well-informed, creative and quick to innovate. I have already waxed eloquent about the benefits of introducing children to reading habits at an early age in an earlier post here

Sourcing the right kind of books for a baby can be quite overwhelming for working moms or mommypreneurs like me who somehow always suffer from paucity of time. It was while on a lookout for child-friendly online book stores that I discovered Young Readers Den, a closed Facebook Group run by a mommypreneur, Snehal Bhaswath. 

Young Readers Den is a haven for parents like me who wish to accrue the right kind of child-friendly books for their little ones but are hard-pressed for time or options. The books on sale include pre-loved. pre-loved as new and fresh. Snehal is a perfect combination of wisdom and patience, and is all ears for parents' queries, confusions or recommendations. Unlike other materialistic vendors and websites that are merely interested in the commercial aspect of books selection and endorsement, Snehal is a gem of a facilitator who is quick to respond to a parent's need and inquires with the warmth of a fellow mom. Not only this, she gives one the liberty to take one's own sweet time in selecting, filling and getting the cart shipped.

Book postings happen four days a week between 2-3 PM and members are allowed to get their desired books blocked. She even provides an elaborate preview of the books on request. The blocked books are shipped over the weekend. The cherry on the cake remains free shipping, on orders exceeding Rs.750. Recently, she has come up with a Whatsapp Group too that can be joined through an invitation request.

I am so glad to have discovered her through a destined serendipity and can hardly resist placing orders for books that Baby K would eventually read through his growing months. If you too have discovered a books facilitator or vendor who's favourite, kindly share their details. I would love to swing by their store. If not, try Young Readers Den and let me know if you had an experience as good as mine! 

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