Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Here's to New Beginnings

Writing has always been therapeutic for me. It has always been my closest confidante, be in the pages of a long cherished diary, in a hidden folder in my phone or the many blogs that I have had so far. 

For a single child who always missed the exciting company of a sibling around, I always yearned for companionship during my growing years. Thankfully, instead of letting me fall prey to the squandering company of neighborhood friends and T.V., my mother introduced me to the wonderful world of literature through child-friendly books, comics, and oral folk tales at a very early age. I grew up spending most of my leisure time in the enriching company of books and literary characters. 

The early and adequate exposure to English language transformed me into enchanted literature lover. As I grew up, my love for reading increased by leaps and bounds and, transformed me into a writer. By the age of eight or nine, while other students in my class were struggling to barely learn the nuances of sentence formation, I was a loner penning down short stories and poetic verses. I remember having a dedicated diary by my bedside while I was in grade 6. By grade 7, I was writing about 7-8 poems every month and the editor of my school magazine. 

As years rolled by, I started getting featured in local newspapers and magazines. The appreciation that I received by my teachers, friends and peers boosted my confidence and inculcated in me an unsatiating urge to learn and explore more. 

While I was in college, I started my first ever blog and maintained it meticulously for about 4-5 years. Then the trials and tribulations of everyday life swept away most of my leisure time and blogging relegated to the backdrop. Although I was constantly reminded of writing sojourns by friends, relatives, peers and colleagues who liked frequenting my blogs during their hey days, the urge to finally make a comeback dint creep in. 

And then, many many moons later, today, I have come back to tread on the same path - this time with a new zeal and a new mission - the idea is to make the most of motherhood and document it in the sands of time, before my little bundle of joy is not so little any more. 

This blog would be solely dedicated to my son(shine) - Kabir and my journey as a Mom. I am really looking forward to a memorable writing spree ahead! 

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