Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Looking for Printables for Your Children or Students?

Being an Early Childhood Education Expert, I love classroom teaching - not the formal instructional part of it, but the finer nuances of ensuring that the children pick up the specific language learning intricacies and weave them around their everyday communicative competences. 

My love for teaching and the fact that I was trained by the wonderful and encouraging U.S. Department of State in the United States to imbibe the finer nuances of English language teaching-learning process and Leadership Qualities, gave way to the foundation of my baby venture called The English Language Studio

The English Language Studio is my haven in this big, bright and beautiful world - a tiny oasis of enthusiastic English language learners of all ages. We start from Kindergarten & Toddlers and go up to IELTS. 

With children from the Very Young Learners Group (Grades 1 & 2)

As an educator, I always make it a point that my learners receive but the best - an engaging classroom session followed by equally engrossing activities, exercises and handouts/worksheets.

My favorite go-to website for most of my worksheet based requirements is 

Learning English in a fun way.

My wonderful learners

I am often asked by teachers, parents and other learners about the sources of the wonderful concepts and worksheets that I use in my classroom. I would happily like to share that it is none other than With a wide array of printables, games, and resources, it is a one-stop destination for all our language learning needs. 

Head over to now and explore for yourself! :)

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